About The Majestic Manor- A Home Away From Home (Covid Safety Compliant Hotel) Hotel

The Management:The hotel is managed predominantly by ex-servicemen; the Managing Director being a retired Commodore and General Manager also a retired NCO from the Indian Navy. Besides that, we have a well trained & dedicated team for efficient hotel operations.

The Philosophy:Our philosophy is that the customer is always the king. He has many choices but what should be our USP so that he selects our hotel to stay in. We believe that the hotel segment of the hospitality sector is based on three important pillars viz. service standards, cleanliness & upkeep of premises and food quality & taste. The success or otherwise of a hotel would, to a great extent,

depend upon the standard of these three parameters. These three pillars could be compared to a three legged stool (figuratively); and unless all three are kept equally robust the stool would not be able to stand erect. In fact if any one of the legs breaks down the stool would fall and in the same way a hotel would also fail in case any of the three above mentioned parameters are neglected and found to be deficient. Our thinking on the three parameters is as follows:

Service standards:This is the most important pillar of the hotel industry; we realize its importance and are aware that the guests are having numerous choices and the service standard would be the discerning factor for selecting a particular hotel. We are, therefore, fully alive to this challenge and keep laying emphasis on this aspect during the daily operations and our regular training efforts.

Cleanliness:The upkeep of the premises is the second important pillar of hotel operations. Neat & clean and well maintained rooms together with hygienic surroundings is a prerequisite for providing desirable level of comfort to our guests. Attention to detail in housekeeping and ensuring defect free premises is our objective. Our management being from the defence services background

our team is totally focused towards this important operational requirement. We are also alive to the environmental concerns and are doing our bit towards that end. In keeping with that we do not use any chemical agents for cleaning and all wash rooms of our guest rooms and table surfaces therein are disinfected daily with Bacillo-Floor disinfectant.

Food standard:Provision of wholesome, tasty & hygienic food for our guests is the third important pillar of our hotel operations: We do not compromise on quality of ingredients and always serve freshly cooked food. Our guests are all praise for our food taste and we would like to keep up the effort so as to never disappoint them. Our Kitchen and restaurant are always spic & span and we

disinfect the kitchen and all table surfaces with eco friendly surface disinfectant Sokrena.

End Result:Our hotel is well settled with all the systems and procedures in place to deliver total satisfaction to our venerable guests. In keeping with the saying- "there is always room for improvement" we continue our efforts to find ways & means to improve our services for making the stay of our guests comfortable.

The Majestic Manor- A Home Away From Home (Covid Safety Compliant Hotel) Hotel